I was never into politics.
And I think I am a part of a large demographic in Indonesia that doesn't care about politics because almost every single one of them that we see on television or read in the news comes off as an idiot, a power-hungry beurocrat, or someone that has falsely use my tax money for buying LV bags for their wives.
I just thought that politics is a 'given' part of the system and, well, just let things happen. I don't care.
Then I met this guy.
This guy has stirred up my heart from the first talk that he gave on a stage on TEDx Jakarta. Here is that talk.
This guy teaches me that Indonesia is a great nation, and we owe it to our founding fathers to give back all we can for the betterment of its people.
He teaches me that we cannot wait for the goverment to do something, since this nation is not goverment's. It's ours.
Let the goverment do their part, but we, this nation's people, whatever we are, whoever we are: We. Can. Do. Something.
We can take part. We can roll up our sleeves and start doing the work. Nothing fancy that will get us into evening news. But we can do something for this nation.
This guy believes in the impossible.
Because the impossible is the thing that happens right before the history is made.
*Anies Baswedan is currently the president of Paramadina University, Jakarta, and the founder of the Indonesia Mengajar movement.
The frame below is a portrait that decipt one of the lines that he often quotes:
"Stop cursing the darkness. Let's start lighting candles."
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